Fresno Ideaworks demonstrated their many creations at the Saroyan Theater

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- This is a night for creators and makers in Downtown Fresno.

Members of Fresno Ideaworks displayed and demonstrated their many creations Friday night in the lobby of the Saroyan Theater.

The exhibition took place prior to MythBusters Unleashed live show. The hosts of the MythBusters TV show are considered superstars in the Maker-Movement. "One of our goals is to reach out to all ages of people tonight. We're gonna get the kids involved, get the grown-ups involved, and our big goal is to get as many kids turned on to making things as possible," said Scott Kramer, Fresno Ideaworks President.

Fresno Ideaworks has hosted three Mini-Maker Faires so far and they're next Mini-Maker Faire is scheduled for April.
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