Dog fighting arrest in Fresno after Facebook post, suspect defends actions

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A man who Fresno police say posted a video of a deadly dog fight helped them make a solid case against him. We want to warn you, some viewers may find this video disturbing.

William Weir was arrested after police say he posted a Facebook video showing his pit bulls attacking and killing a puppy, while he instigated the mauling.

Police say it's William Weir heard in the video encouraging this vicious fight. Investigators are trying to figure out how long these dog fights have been going on and whether Weir was dumping the evidence nearby.

William Weir was cooperative Tuesday when he parted ways with the dogs Fresno police say he motivated to kill during the videotaped mauling of a small puppy in his front yard.

The recording begins with shrill cries of a puppy that end as the fight continues. Investigators say Weir's claim the stray puppy was heading toward his frightened daughter is false.

Joe Gomez with the Fresno Police Department explained, "That's not a truthful story. He is saying that dogs that come into his yard are going to get killed, but this was a puppy. If you look at that video, it's a tiny dog."

Just a few short blocks from the suspect's home, Liberty Animal Control workers have noticed an unusual and disturbing trend along Kearney Boulevard.

"I'm finding the dogs in plastic bags, usually in your yard or leaf bag, stuff like that," said Liberty Animal Control President Daniel Bailey. "The more we're getting out and like I said, it's constant within this street alone."

Fresno police aren't sure the mass dumping of dogs is connected with Weir or an organized dog fighting ring, but investigators do not believe the deadly dual was the first time the suspect's pit bulls have fought.

"I do not believe it's isolated at all," said Gomez. "Unknown if he's in a ring, but by looking at his dog, and what he was doing, I mean that's what people do when they train dogs to fight and to kill other dogs."

Weir has admitted to cheering on the dog fight, but on his Facebook this morning he defended his position and said even little dogs can attack and his dogs are terrorized daily. Those dogs are now part of the evidence against him.

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