Fresno man rescued after fire hits duplex speaks out

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno man at the center of a dramatic rescue is now sharing his story. Video of strangers saving him from a fire is going viral and making national news.

There was panic and chaos as strangers tried putting out a fire that engulfed a Central Fresno duplex and saving an elderly man from the property. Roberta Denise Francis carried her baby grandson out but couldn't do anything for her father except scream for help.

"Number one my grandson, getting him out alive was the number one thing that I had to deal with. The second one, of course, was getting my father out," said Francis.

RAW VIDEO: Dad rescued from burning home in Fresno

Two passerbys in green shirts say they tried helping 73-year-old Robert Wells get out while he was still attached to an oxygen tank. That's when a stranger stepped in.

"I wasn't going fast enough, so a guy picked me up and carried me out there. He was kind of in a half a run," said Wells.

That man in a Dodgers hat is the hero everyone is searching for, to share their gratitude for his courageous act.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, that I made it out," said Wells.

He made it out to tell this story and lived to see another day.

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