Fresno man will likely spend life in prison for killing his father

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno man will spend 50 years to life in prison for killing his father. Peter Yang told the court there was a reason behind the crime. Investigators say he shot his father Foung Yang multiple times at their apartment last year.

Peter Yang said this fatal confrontation stemmed from his father sexually abusing his kids. But he never mentioned these allegations until the trial. Yang will be 75-years-old, when he is eligible for parole.

Peter Yang had no criminal past before a jury found him guilty of first degree murder, and using a gun that caused death. Now, he will spend five decades locked up for killing his father. He fired eight times with a Glock 9 mm -- six of the bullets hit his 59-year-old father ending his life. Deputy District Attorney Gabriel Brickey said Yang never mentioned a motive when detectives questioned him initially.

Brickey said, "It was unusual that there had been no prior evidence of any prior molestation and for him to get up after he had been interviewed by law enforcement officers making no reference, and they were pressing him. They repeatedly asked him, why did you do it? Was he ever physical with you? Did he ever hurt the kids? No no no no."

Yang testified in his own defense last month, telling the court he used meth two days before the deadly shooting.

He said, "I was paranoid because of the meth in my system."

In court Wednesday, Yang again reminded the judge about his reason for the crime.

"I just want to say that this happened because I wanted the molestation of my children to stop from my father," said Yang. "My father was molesting my children."

Yang had little reaction to the sentence which he expected.

Public Defender, Scott Baly, said, "I think that he is ok. I can't imagine that he is happy. Today he seemed eager to have an appeal filed."

During the trial, yang claimed because of cultural factors, he never reported the crimes.

Yang's family members were not in court during sentencing.

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