Fresno woman describes pit bull attack

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Animal control officers are searching for one of two dogs who they say mauled a woman and attacked her poodle before running away.

Officers say when the pit bull was captured he was calm. But hours earlier Julianne Patrick says the dog was extremely aggressive when he attacked her.

She showed us her wounds and said, "One right there, there's one right here and the one right here is a little bit open and I have two back here."

Patrick says she was walking through her Fig Garden neighborhood early Tuesday morning with her dog Tre when she saw the two pit bulls running towards her.

"They were attacking my dog and I got myself back up I was just kicking them and screaming at them and just trying to get them off my dog," said Patrick. She added, "They were all over him. I am screaming, I was kicking them just going, no no."

Patrick told us she managed to fight them off and then ran to a neighbor's house before calling deputies and animal control.

"When they pulled up the dog was attacking their car. So they waited to get out," said Patrick.

Melissa Howard lives next door to the dog's owner. She says they've scared her and chewed up her fence for years.

"They kept breaking it at the bottom and I knew they'd come under," said Howard.

We tried to speak with the dog's owner but he didn't want to comment. Liberty Animal Control says he'll be cited for having a vicious pets and the animals may have to be put down.

"We have to hold them by law for 10 days beginning with the time of the bite and then after the 10 days they would be available to be put down because liability wise we wouldn't be able to adopt them out," said Daniel Bailey.

Patrick says although she was attacked she's not angry at the animals but at the person who trained them.

"They're vicious for a reason and not every pit bull is going to be vicious but these are vicious dogs," explained Patrick.

Her dog was not wounded in the attack.
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