Kings County detectives hope 3D images from FBI will help them identify deceased woman

KINGS COUNTY (KFSN) -- It has been two years, and detectives in Kings County still haven't come any closer to identifying a woman whose decomposed remains were found on the side of a rural road.

"So basically what we're here for today is I'd like to kind of get this image out, and maybe see if anybody recognizes her," Kings County Sheriff's Office Detective Sam Weimer said during a press conference Thursday.

KCSO hopes the new 3D images, produced by the FBI are circulated around the state and the country. They don't know where the woman in the picture is from, where she died, or how. They do believe she was dumped on the side of 6th Avenue in southern Kings County

"We have relatively nothing to work with as far as getting her ID," Weimer said.

Weimer has been on the case ever since the woman's skeletal remains were found by a bird watcher in May of 2015. He says an anthropologist at UC Santa Cruz examined the remains, and determined she was likely more than 60-years-old, and had fractures to her nose and pelvic area.

"The anthropologist also identified that this subject more than likely had a severe cases of osteoporosis," he said. "She believes that if she was mobile, she probably walked hunched over, but there's a good likelihood that based on the onset of the osteoporosis, she was likely bedridden."

The sheriff's office also had an artist with a non-profit organization sketch an image of what the woman may have looked like.

At a press conference in late 2015, the sheriff's office released that image to the public, which lead to numerous tips and leads, but no matches. The DNA database hasn't had a hit either. So a little more than a year ago, the department decided to take the investigation a step further, asking the FBI to create a 3D facial approximation.

Those images were completed a couple of weeks ago.

Detectives believe the Jane Doe was either white or Hispanic, had blonde or gray hair, and weighed between 100 and 160 pounds.

"If anybody knows who this lady is or this resembles somebody that they knew, we will track down that lead and run with it," Kings County Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam said.

If a lead pans out, then detectives say they can go about determining how she died, and why.
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