Leeza Gibbons talks with ABC30 at Central California Women's Conference

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Organizers of this year's Central California Women's Conference hoped to leave women feeling ready to take on life's challenges.

TV and radio personality Leeza Gibbons served as the keynote speaker and sat down for an exclusive interview with Action News.

Leeza Gibbons has spent nearly 40 years in the entertainment industry. She spoke to the thousands of women who attended the conference, hoping to pass on a message of encouragement, empowerment and being a role model for each other.

Gibbons took to the stage at the CCWC to a large applause, filling the Exhibit Hall at the Convention Center -- with laughs. She also spoke from the heart by encouraging women to move forward in their lives with kindness. She told ABC30 why she came to Fresno for the event.

Gibbons said, "Women are powerful and we need to hold up the mirror for each other and remind one another what's possible and continue to reinvent ourselves for the next leg of the journey."

Gibbons, who just became the second woman to win "Celebrity Apprentice", gave her thoughts on her former boss, now making headlines in his run for the White House.

Gibbons said, "I'm not surprised by anything that's going on by Donald Trump. He's a bold personality."

The former "Entertainment Tonight" and talk show star told the crowd about her experience on Trump's show but also about what she's learned over the years in her race to success.

She told me -- she'd tell her younger self to just relax.

Gibbons said, "I would tell her to settle down. You're going to get there! And just really be present for what's happening now."

She also talked of the struggles balancing work and family life. The 58-year old says there is no perfect answer to tackle having it all but she'd like to see corporate America offer more flexibility for families.

Gibbons said, "For us to find sanity sanctuaries. If we've got that then we will give blood for our employers. We want to deliver expectations. That's who we are but we can't do it without taking care of our priorities first."

Leeza Gibbons also spoke to the crowd about her passion to provide more support for families coping with a family member who has Alzheimer's, which is based on her experiences with her mother.

Many people at the conference on Tuesday were inspired by her words of encouragement that women should strive to be the best version of themselves possible.

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