Shots fired during Hanford beer run at Sierra Liquor

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A beer run in Kings County led to shots being fired. Hanford police were called to Sierra Liquor Thursday night. They say a 21-year-old stole two cases of beer and the clerk started fighting with him to get the beer back. Police say a driver in a getaway car fired two shots into the air then pointed the gun at the clerk. The three suspects took off but police later arrested them. They're urging people to be careful when they're being robbed.

Lt. George Hernandez with the Hanford Police Department said, "Nobody likes to loose their personal property but you need to weigh the risks vs the loss in this case they were stealing beer fortunately for the clerk he wasn't shot."

Police later arrested Alphonso Garcia, Jacob Gentry, and Jacob Sepulveda for the crime. All three are facing robbery charges with gang enhancement. Police were able to find them using the store's surveillance cameras.

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