Fresno escape room opens outside experience

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno business, Next-Gen Escape Room, is getting a little creative by letting people escape outdoors just in time for Halloween.

"The goal of this one, you're actually in a military camp during a zombie outbreak. Basically, zombies broke in, and you have an hour to get the supplies that you need to survive and get out," said Kiara Hill.

Escape from the living dead is the theme of the newest experience. People will be given clues to solve the puzzles.

"Really, the cool thing about this is you'll be coming to and out of the tent itself. So there will be times you will have to make a mad run to find something outside of the tent that we just couldn't do outside," said founder Calvin Kammer.

The cost is $25 a person. There are bookings every two hours.

Calvin Kammer launched his business about a year ago and has been faced with many challenges. The themed escape rooms inside are empty due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

"For the first twelve months, we've been closed down for about half, which is really tough, especially for a young start-up. Most of them fail within the first year. So we're glad to be past the year mark, but things aren't looking great for us," Kammer said.

Now the Fresno State graduate is hoping to keep his business alive and make changes to the industry since escape rooms are classified as entertainment centers.

"Right now I am working with the governor's office to try to reclassify escape rooms outside of family entertainment centers." Kammer added, "Really, my goal is to open up, but do it the right now because safety is the number one priority right next to fun."

With a desire to keep business going, these Fresno State grads hope to entertain Valley residents and find a way to pay their bills.

An entrepreneurial spirit trying to survive the twists and turns of 2020.

You can try out Next-Gen Escape's Escape from the Living Dead experience Fridays through Sundays. Click here to learn more.
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