Oakland woman fighting for her life after alleged ambush attack

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Clarissa Lockett has spent the last 48 hours fighting for her life.

Kelvin Dunn, Clarissa's Dad, said, "I don't know what's going to happen in the next few minutes so it can just change. It's what everyone is telling me. I'm just nervous."

Dunn got a call on Saturday from one of his daughters who told him that Clarissa had been shot by one of the sister's ex-boyfriends who ambushed them in Oakland and then fled the scene

"She has bullet fragments and stuff inside her head and they can't remove it"

Clarissa's remains conscious. Her family says she's an electrician and a hard worker.

Krystal Lockett, Clarissa's sister, said, "She just nods her head and squeezes our hands. That's all she can do. She is suffering in that bed. Never in a million years wouldn't I have thought that this would happen to her."

Oakland Police confirmed they're investigating and looking for a suspect who shot Clarissa and pistol-whipped a male victim, telling ABC 7 News, "(The suspect) is known to the female victim. Soon after the incident occurred and officers were able to confirm the identity of the suspect, a photo/information was disseminated to law enforcement."

Meanwhile, the victim's dad hopes his daughter survives and the suspect turns himself in.

Clarissa remains in critical but stable condition and according to her family doctors tried to remove the bullet this weekend but her brain is still swollen. Now all they can do is wait.
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