Dead Humpback whale washes ashore Central California coastline

A dead humpback whale washed ashore along the Central California coastline.

It happened on the shore of Grover Beach.

A bad smell permeated through the air causing some bystanders to feel sick from the stench.

State park rangers suggested that the whale may have washed up to the shore Thursday night.

Samples of the whale were taken in hope of figuring out how healthy it was before it died.

Due to the length of the humpback officials believe the whale was either a baby or a very young adult.

For one bystander it was a tough sight to see.
"I feel sad because you know it's an endangered species and i would rather see that species be preserved then to see it die," Sahamara Justice, Grover Beach resident.

Officials are waiting to see if the humpback will wash back out to the ocean during high tide.

But if it doesn't they will move it to a new location.
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