13 dogs seized from massive marijuana grow in Tulare County

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's been nearly two weeks since a massive marijuana grow was found in Tulare County. Animal control seized 13 dogs -- many used as guard dogs -- from the property.

It's easy to see who's the king right now at the Tulare County Animal Shelter. A Tibetan mastiff is one of the largest dogs now calling the shelter home. He is one of five mastiffs found at a massive marijuana grow in Tulare County in April.

"They were able to create a perimeter that I'm sure if you see a large mastiff on patrol you probably would think twice about crossing that area," said Tim Lutz with Tulare County Health and Human Services.

Animal control also seized a St. Bernard, a pit bull, and three German Shepherds. Chains were around most of their necks at the marijuana grow. But despite being used as guard dogs, everyone at the shelter has found them friendly.

"Our shelter staff have had great interactions with them," said Lutz.

Thirty-one people were arrested and charged with growing marijuana at the site near Delano.

Animal control thinks that the dogs are friendly because they're used to being around people. But they weren't able to interact with each other, so most of them don't get along with other animals.

"Surprising the dogs were in pretty good health," said Lutz.

A vet checked out each dog and didn't find any major issues. There are some lumps that she says are caused by laying on hard surfaces, but they aren't painful. Now, the shelter's goal is to make sure these dogs have a better life.

"We're working actively with rescues that we already know or other individuals that might be interested in large breed animals," said Lutz.

They're hoping anyone interested will let them know.

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