California voter registration hits all-time high ahead of midterm elections

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As election Tuesday fast approaches, Fresno County elections officials are already busy counting ballots.

The number of California registered voters is the highest it's been with more than 19 million people. Fresno County is home to roughly 456,000 of them.

But how many will actually cast a vote?

Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth is confident this midterm election will be an all-time high as mail-in ballots come pouring in.

"With our 94,000 votes by mail returns we've almost met the amount of vote by mail envelopes that were returned in June of 18 that was 99, 000," said Orth.

While midterm elections don't historically boast a large turnout, the push to the November ballot is in full swing from both Democratic and Republican party representatives.

"When you don't vote you're voting because you're making a statement about you don't care who your leadership is," Fresno County Dem. Michael Evans.

"This election is so important we have so much on the line for California and the future of our nation," Fresno County Rep Fred Van Der Hoof.

But how to connect with voters has changed. Mailers and phone banking have proved beneficial. It is canvassing the neighborhoods that bring a big return.

"Calls are a lot more difficult to do. People don't have land lines anymore. They're not anxious to get calls they don't want on their cell phones," said Evans.

"That face to face contact makes a difference especially when it's a neighbor," said Van Der Hoof.
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