New video shows Arizona inmate taking prison librarian hostage

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Friday, February 1, 2019
New video shows inmate taking prison librarian hostage
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New video shows inmate taking prison librarian hostage

BUCKEYE, Arizona -- For the first time, video has been released of a hostage situation inside an Arizona prison.

Prison officials released video of the incident that happened in December.

Timothy Monk, a known violent offender, took out a knife and took a librarian hostage.

In the video, Monk is seen pulling the prison-made weapon from his sock and putting it up to the librarian's neck.

In a brief struggle, the librarian, Allen Hartzell, is seen pulling out a bottle of pepper spray and spraying his attacker.

Monk then dragged Hartzell into a corner of the room, while hostage negotiators and tactical teams lined up in the hallway.

"I told you I'd show you how bad I am. Why do I gotta do this," Monk said.

"You shouldn't. It should have never come to this," the camera voice said.

The effects of the pepper spray then begin to intensify.

"Sick to your stomach?" said the camera voice.

"Yea," Monk responded.

"That's from the spray," the camera voice said.

"Probably," Monk replied.

Tactical teams took advantage of the moment and sent a set a flash bang in order to rescue the librarian.

They were able to get Hartzell out safely while Monk was handcuffed and taken away.

Monk is currently serving 97 years in prison, but he's going to face new charges for what officials are calling "reprehensible criminal actions."