QB&A with Trent Dilfer: 'Withdrew his name' for Fresno State jobs, sounds off on NCAA issues

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- This week, Fresno State legend and Super Bowl champion Trent Dilfer joins Sports Director Stephen Hicks to discuss topics such as who Fresno State should hire as head coach, the Patriots' seven-game win streak and a message to players entering the transfer portal.

All topics include:

  • Wind in Monday Night game
  • Bills need a change in mindset on offense?
  • Patriots 7-game win streak
  • Cardinals a legit threat to win the Super Bowl?
  • Better shot to make playoffs between Raiders & 49ers
  • Update on interest in open Fresno State positions
  • Is college football broken?
  • Message to players entering the portal
  • Who FS should hire as head coach
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