Fall foliage creates flooding risks ahead of Thursday's storm

Thursday, December 1, 2022
Preparations underway in Fresno County ahead of incoming storm
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With the breezier conditions earlier this week, it's a sea of leaves everywhere you go.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Changing leaves on the trees adds to the seasonal beauty in the Valley, but once the leaves fall, it creates flooding risks.

On Wednesday, Fresno city crews were busy clearing the streets.

The leaf pusher and street sweepers were in full effect in Northwest Fresno.

Fresno Public Works Directors Scott Mozier said, "With all of the railroad underpasses, all of the pumps have been check and everything is ready to go for the storm."

With the breezier conditions earlier this week, it's a sea of leaves everywhere you go.

Nearly a quarter of an inch of rain is expected in the Central Valley on Thursday.

Mozier said mother nature is running a little behind schedule. "This is more typical for November, it's been unusual to have the leaves still up at this time," he said.

City crews were not the only ones getting ready. Clovis resident Jospeh Lazarri is taking matters in his own hands, but he made sure to check the weather and with the city first.

"It's a lot of leaves everywhere, it's just like running through a leave storm," Lazarri said. "I'm going to literally blow them out into the street because I checked with the street sweeper for Clovis and they are coming through really early tomorrow morning so they just pick them up."

The city of Clovis is also seeing its fair share of leaves. The city has its normal street-sweeping pattern every two weeks throughout the city, but have now had to deploy more crews to pick up leaves on the main streets.

Clovis Utilities Manager Rob Rush said it's helpful if residents do their part of cleaning up their leaves. putting them in the green waste bin, and recycling them.

In addition, he does not recommend residents blow them out in the street.

If it starts flooding near you, he suggests to reporting it to the city. "Residents need to be aware water in the street, even if it's pulling up, as long as it's moving down the gutter and continues to move, it's not a real problem - what they should definitely call the city for is when they see that water stop moving," Rush said.

Fresno City officials say you can report any downed limbs or flooding by calling 311 or using the FresGo app.