Sanger Unified welcomes back small number of students in need of in-person instruction

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Valley school district is bringing back small groups of students that are most in need of in-person instruction.

It was a warm welcome for Laura Siqueiros's high school students this morning and amid COVID-19 precautions, there are some extra lessons on the syllabus.

"Making sure kids wear their masks, that they're always washing their hands, using hand sanitizer but more importantly during class that they understand what's going on," explained Sanger High School Teacher Laura Siqueiros.

A select group of Sanger Unified students started in-person learning Wednesday morning.

"The focus for today and the next couple weeks as we transition is on our target groups," explained Sanger High School Principal Kirstin Coronado. "Those are students that have been identified to need extra support and can really benefit from being in person."

Over 150 students are being brought back to campus for special instruction. Staff say distance learning has had it challenges, especially for students in need of extra support.

Students will be staggered throughout the day, maintain social distance and of course cleaning crews will be disinfecting classrooms around the clock.

"They put exes on the desk for social distancing, they made sure students won't sit close to each other," said Siqueiros. "We've been training for this day, just a lot of work went into it."

Students will be on campus for a half-day before returning home to finish their course work virtually.
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