4 military scams you need to look out for

Memorial Day is just around the corner. It's a time to honor and remember those who died while serving our country, but it's also a time when scammers use the military to try and take advantage of others.

The scammers will impersonate someone in the military or a veteran to gain their victim's trust.

One of the tops scams to watch out for is the deployed soldier scam.

This is where the scammer posts an advertisement selling something like a car or big ticket item. The ad will state they are being deployed and need to sell it fast.

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The scammer will ask for a shipping fee and claim they have shipped the car.

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Once they get their money, they will stop responding, and the buyer won't get the item and will be out some cash.

Also, watch out for fake rental properties. The same gimmick happens here: the scammer lists a rental property for a great price and claim they are deployed. They then ask for first and last month's rent and said they will send out the key once payment is received.

After sending the money ... you guessed it: no key.

Next, watch out for scammers charging for military services that are free.

Scammers will pose as the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and offer services for a fee that are actually free.

Also, be on guard when it comes to high priced military loans. This is where they guarantee instant approval or no credit check, but this often comes with hidden fees and extremely high interest rates.
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