As police investigate southwest Fresno shooting, gang violence is on the rise

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Jacaree Fisher was walking near Thorne and Valencia last Friday along with a family member. It was just before 5 p.m. when police say a car pulled up and two people opened fire.

"Some words were yelled out towards Mr. Fisher; they think they were probably gang-related and derogatory in nature," said Lt. Larry Bowlan with the Fresno Police Department. "At that point, occupants inside the vehicle fired multiple rounds at Mr. Fisher, where he was then struck and then ran and made his way back over to the residence where he was located."

Fisher later died. Detectives have scoured the neighborhood for witnesses, but so far, their best clues are from the evidence at the scene.

"We know for a fact there were multiple casings out there, we believe from two different weapons," Lt. Bowlan said. "So we know there were at least two shooters inside the vehicle, and we're suspecting there was at least three occupants of that vehicle."

Violence on the streets has kept officers busy, especially during the past week. Despite the pandemic, detectives say crime - especially involving gangs - has increased. Investigators are working overtime to solve Fisher's murder and also figure out what prompted an argument Tuesday night to end in a deadly shooting.

The circumstances in that case are unusual.

"We have found out that Mr. Garcia was armed with a firearm during this disturbance along with another individual, so at this point this has not been ruled a murder investigation yet, there are self defense issues in this.

24-year-old David Garcia died after detectives say he was shot in the upper body.

In both of these homicide cases, detectives say their biggest challenge has been getting witnesses to talk. Since surveillance footage hasn't helped, they hope an anonymous tip to Crimestoppers will - that number is 498-STOP.
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