Sierra Spring Village residents allowed to return home after storms pass

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Sierra Spring Village residents allowed to return home after storms pass
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Sierra Spring Village in Madera County has been under evacuation since last Monday.

BASS LAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Sierra Spring Village in Bass Lake had been under evacuation since last Monday due to the latest round of storms.

The Madera County Sheriff's Office has lifted the evacuation order to a warning and people can now go back into their homes.

Collapsed carports and caved-in roofs dot the Sierra Spring Village.

Bob and Linda Clawson have lived in the mobile home community for about five years. They said the latest storm has been overwhelming.

"We've had snowfall in the past, but normally we've been able to keep up with everything, but this much snow is just unheard of," said Clawson.

After the first significant snowfall, the Clawson's son went up on the roof to clear it off shortly before they were evacuated, which may have saved their home from severe damage.

But they still can't go back, and they're waiting for answers they hope will come at a community meeting at the Best Western on Wednesday.

"Right now, all the information we get is bits and pieces over the internet and Facebook, stuff like that," said Clawson.

The hope for the meeting is to get better communication. The Madera County Sheriff's Office will be at the meeting.

Sheriff Tyson Pogue said communication can be difficult with so many moving parts.

"With any incident, communication is one of the most difficult hurdles," said Pogue.

And as of Monday afternoon, Pogue said some residents have received phone calls telling them it's safe to return home.

"We are constantly evaluating and monitoring the situation, trying to get residents in as soon as we can." said Sheriff Pogue.

Pogue said residents with questions should call the sheriff's office.

They have an emergency response team ready to help.

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