Fresno P.D. Facebook post goes viral because of comments

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you go to the Fresno Police Department's Facebook page there is no shortage of posts about recent arrests and criminal activity.

However, a post on March 11 caught the eye of thousands of people on Facebook.

It showed a 19-year-old gang member who was taken into custody after admitting to having what looks like a loaded Remington 1858 "New Army" Revolver.

The gun triggered a flood of comments on the post, here are a few of them:

"When you want to rob a store at 6 a.m. but the Alamo needs remembering by 8."

"The serial number on that gun is #1"

"If it pleases the peasants; brave constables wish to inform us that they have apprehended a young rapscallion armed with a pepperbox whilst operating his horseless carriage."

"Jenkins, ready my steed. There is villainy afoot."

"You've Yee'd your last Haw!"

"What in the Revolutionary war is going on here?!?!"

In all the post has nearly 27,000 shares and more than 17,000 comments.
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