The start of new year brings new resolutions and changes

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The ball will soon drop and as we welcome in 2018, many will be welcoming new resolutions. In the Valley, about 50 percent of people plan to make resolutions.

An exclusive survey USA polls show the top goals include, working out, getting ahead financially and to stop smoking. Other Valley residents say they want to enhance their lives.

"I'm gardening, I'm going to build some boxes for home gardening. We have some travel plans for me and my wife and the kids. Setting some goals for the new year," said Valley resident Jeremy Boriack.

Gyms across the Valley are seeing more people heading to the gym. They say the first weeks will be packed with people looking to enhance their health.

"It helps with everything, helps with sleep. It benefits you in so many ways working out so that's the biggest thing. There are so many ways to work out here. There's something for everyone," said GB3 Manager Sean Clinton.

Many people want to take control of finances in 2018. About 80 percent will look at making changes.

"Eighteen percent of millennials who were surveyed which is the highest in the generation actually want to pay off their student loan debt as a New Year's resolution," said Kayleena Speakman.

Speakman is with the better business bureau, she says people of all ages want to save money, save more for retirement and pay off credit cards or debt. Apps can help you manage your money but beware.

"Make sure it's an authenticate app and not a counterfeit one because these apps ask for personal information and they link to your bank accounts and they give you a guestimate credit score, so you are giving them a lot of information," said Speakman.

Experts say take your financial goals a week and a month at a time, in one year that change will add up.
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