Valley Applebee's starts delivering food to seniors during COVID-19 outbreak

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Some valley restaurants adjusting to the takeout and delivery restrictions due to COVID 19 were stuck with a lot of excess produce and meat.

Applebee's has started to deliver some of that food to local seniors.

Once bustling eateries now sit quiet and empty. Takeout orders kept a few people busy, but most of Applebee's 500 employees weren't working.

Area Director Carrie Hellyer said, "We're all in a situation and position that we never thought our country would be in."

Hellyer oversees seven Applebee's restaurants. She said staff started bagging the extra produce, chicken, meat and eggs.

Carrie explained, "We took several care packages to the front offices of senior apartment complexes so they could have them in a safe environment instead of going to a grocery store."

The company wanted to help seniors avoid standing in long lines at the store.

Hellyer said, "We're all trying to figure it out one day at a time. When you have a population that's so high risk and now we're isolating them on top of that, it feels good to be able to give them something there."

Staff also planned to bring food to pantries at Cross City Church and People's Church. Any excess food is given out to the public at the restaurants.

Hellyer said, "The goal is to do this once a week while this is going on"

In the meantime, Applebee's and other restaurants are relying on people who drop by to pick up their orders.

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