2016 Top Local Stories

Dylan Noble police shooting footage released

Dylan Noble was shot and killed by two Fresno police officers on Saturday, June 25, 2016. As the investigation progressed, cell phone video that showed part of the incident was made public. Many felt the video raised questions about the shooting, but it wasn't until July 20th that police released the body camera footage.

On December 9th, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer released the results of an internal investigation of the shooting. About a week later, the District Attorney's Office announced that no charges will be filed against the officers who shot Noble.

2 Correctional Officers shot at Fresno County Jail; Suspect arrested

Authorities said Thong Vang, 37, of Fresno shot Correctional Officers Juanita Davila and Toamalama Scanlan around 8:30 a.m. Saturday, September 3, 2016. They said Vang entered the jail and made his way to the front of the line and stated he wanted to see someone at the jail. That's when, police say, he opened fire.

On September 15th, Thong Vang pleaded not guilty to attempted murder.

Body of Debbie Hawk found near Stratford

Investigators have uncovered human remains of Debbie Hawk on March 21, 2016. The remains were positively identified a couple of days later. The 47-year-old Hanford woman disappeared 10 years ago. Even though her body was missing her husband, Dave Hawk, was convicted of her murder and sent to prison.

Livingston Tour Bus Crash

On Wednesday, August 8, 2016, first responders said it the most catastrophic incident they had seen in decades. The bus crash killed four and injured dozens. The charter bus was heading from Mexico to Pasco, Washington when it collided with a freeway road sign on northbound Highway 99 near Livingston just before 3:30 a.m.

CHP chase ends in Fatal Crash into a F/A-18 at NAS Lemoore

Somehow, the driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee being pursued by the California Highway Patrol managed to get inside Naval Air Station Lemoore, before he crashed into the tail end of an F/A-18 jet -- killing himself and his female passenger.

Fresno County children who died abandoned given proper burial, names and family in ceremony

Eight Fresno County children who died without families got full burials Saturday in the Garden of Innocence. It was a touching ceremony that gave each child a new set of brothers and sisters.

Cecilia Cabrera missing person case now being called a homicide, 2 in custody

On Tuesday, December 13th, the Tulare County Sheriff's Office announced that they had arrested Cecilia Cabrera's husband, Francisco Yanes Valdivia, and his other wife Rosalina Lopez on homicide charges.

Cecilia had gone missing several months prior and her body has not been found.

Virgin Mary Statue

A statue of the Virgin Mary in Fresno appears to be weeping, according to family members. Maria Cardenas, the woman who owns the statue, said it started weeping when her cousin, Jessie Lopez, was murdered.

Pregnant woman shot and killed, baby delivered by emergency c-section in Visalia

Vanessa Oviedo, who was 27-years-old and 35-weeks pregnant, was shot in the head and died on Friday, November 18th during a drive-by shooting. Police said both vehicles took off and the victims drove to Kaweah Delta Medical Center where doctors delivered Oviedo's baby by emergency C-section. The child was born premature, but healthy.

Fresno restaurant gains fame with 3-foot 'Anaconda' burrito

The masterminds at Taqueria Yarelis gained a huge following on Facebook after their video of the "Anaconda" burrito went viral. The burrito is three feet long and meant to feed five adults. As of this writing, the original Facebook video has received over 18.5 million views.

This of course was followed up with a local competitive eater, Pablo, who could't wait to set a speed eating time.
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