Toys-R-Us opens its doors for the last time

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- One last time, the Meras family is hoping they can visit the Toys-R-Us at the Market Place Shopping Center in Clovis, the store they've grown up on and made countless memories at.

"We would always, me and my brother, would always go to the car section and take all the bikes off and ride them around the store," said Saraia Meras.

But on Friday, they won't be able to go inside, a sign on the door reads they're already closed. So instead they will have settle by taking pictures outside.

"I was shocked and very sad because that is the reason we came here, for the last day to come over here," said Saraia.

Gustavo Meras said, "Toys-R-Us is a really big business, a lot of people came here, a lot of people enjoyed it, but something like this kind of just hit us in the face."

Richard has been taking his son Gustavo and daughter Saraia to the store since they were newborns.

"Toys-R-Us has been a huge part of our lives since the kids were small, it will be missed."

In March, the company announced they would be closing all 740 US locations, due to poor holiday sales and less foot traffic. The closing has left businesses at the Market Place like Pool Tables R Us worried.

Alex Toledo with Pool Tables R Us said, "When there was a lot of people there at Toys-R-Us, that brought a lot of customers over here."

Customers like the Meras family will now have to find a new place they can shop at and create new memories.

Gustavo said, "We are going to have to try to go somewhere else to get our stuff, but I wish it would still be there."
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