While injured CHP officer recovers from crash, authorities discuss safety

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer is said to be improving after he was involved in a crash Tuesday on Highway 180 while responding to another call.

Whether you are a law-enforcement officer or a civilian, riding a motorcycle is generally more dangerous than driving and motor officers must undergo extensive training and testing.

Motorcycle officers from throughout the state are undergoing training at the Fresno Police training facility.

It's the same kind of training Highway Patrol officers receive. Instructor Mike Troehler says the goal is to keep officers safe in a dangerous environment.

"It is more dangerous the likelihood of being involved in an accident is much higher," he said.

Tuesday's accident on Highway 180 is an example when California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer Tanner Bean was responding to an accident on Highway 180 when he was hit.

"The officer continued driving on the west shoulder of eastbound 180, lights and sirens, going and for an unknown reason, the driver of the red truck basically turned into the shoulder at the same time officer Bean was coming and struck and collided with him," Axel Reyes with the CHP said.

Officer Bean sustained major injuries he is listed in serious but stable condition at a local hospital.

While riding a motorcycle is dangerous with proper training it is seen as a vital tool in keeping our highways safe.

"They are absolutely necessary and beneficial you are so much quicker and able to move through the traffic I believe they are a great asset," Troehler said.
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