Tulare Co. Public Health officials provide updates on confirmed case of COVID-19

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tulare County Public Health has announced that an individual has tested positive for COVID-19 in Tulare County.

Officials say the individual is in good condition at home. It is believed that the virus was contracted out of the area.

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Sierra View Medical Center in Porterville said the infected patient came in feeling ill and hours later the lab confirmed the swab came back positive for COVID-19.

The concern now is identifying where the person went while they were contagious and who may be at risk. At this point, Tulare County health officials won't even give an estimate as to how many people may have had contact with the individual over the past days.

"That depends on when he became symptomatic, and the patient, the ongoing investigation continues on who he may have come in contact with and going down that road and doing the further investigation," said Public Health Director Karen Elliott.

Health workers don't want Tulare County residents to panic but rather be pro-active with constant hand-washings, covering coughs and disinfecting hard surfaces.

In the meantime, officials are working to notify specific people about any potential risk.

"Anybody that we feel this person has come into contact with we will be working with them and at this time it's really that the health and safety of the community is our utmost concern and if there's any concerns we will definitely be following up and sharing information," said Elliott.

Officials will not give out specific details about where the person went in the hospital. They will also not reveal the city where the patient lives and whether their family or friends are likely to contract the virus.

Tulare County health officials are checking in with the sick person every day. They are also providing any necessary supplies to help them while they are in quarantine.

The announcement comes less than a week after Fresno and Madera Counties each confirmed they have one case of someone with COVID-19.
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