'They always put us first,' says grieving son after parents killed by alleged DUI driver in Tulare County

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Unfathomable heartbreak.

"I feel like I've cried all the cries I've cried," said Isaiah Vargas.

His parents, Rita and Jose, are two of four crash victims killed by an alleged DUI driver.

According to CHP, it was 2 a.m. on Sunday when 24-year-old Jazmin Paramo was driving northbound in the southbound lanes of Highway 65 near Strathmore when she crashed head-on with two motorcycles.

Isaiah said he replayed his final interactions with his parents from earlier that night when they called to make sure he and his brother made it home safely.

"That's how they were they were always checking up on us; they always put us first," he said.

Isaiah's was in bed when he got the tragic news.

"My dad immediately died and then they told me that my mom, she was awake at that moment saying her legs were hurting," Vargas said.

Rita was pronounced dead after she was rushed to the ER.

"I didn't see my mom all day she was getting her classroom ready," he said.

A GoFundMe page, created for funeral expenses, describes the preschool teacher and her husband as hard-working, generous and kind.

"She typified everything that's important to have in a teacher. She's passionate, you enjoy your work," said Jason Pommier with Porterville Unified School District.

Rita worked with the Porterville school district for seven years and was gearing up for the start of school at Plano Preschool.

The district plans to educate students, district-wide, about the consequences of drinking and driving.

"It's going to affect a lot of people, but what we can do is turn this into a positive and really talk to students," said Pommier. "These are the reasons why you don't drink and drive."

Monday, faculty and staff return to school and students start Thursday.

The district will have counselors on hand for all impacted by the loss.
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