Valley representatives urging Senate to continue providing emergency unemployment income

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's emergency unemployment income more than 30 million Americans rely on, including Julie Bean of Clovis, who qualified after the pandemic prevented her from taking a job as an in-home care provider back in March.

Julie says, "People can't wait anymore. Bills can't wait. People's lives are on hold and it's not fair their lives are just up in the air, waiting to see what's going to happen."

But the federal program that gives unemployed Americans an extra $600 per week expired last Friday after leaders on Capitol Hill couldn't come to an agreement.

"Everyone's lives are in their hands basically at this point. The $600 is going to help put food on the table for your family and help pay the bills that need to be paid on time," said Julie.

Both sides of the aisle say funding is needed, but they just can't agree on how to move forward.

Valley representatives in Washington D.C. are urging the Senate to come up with a package that meets the needs of the American people.

Jim Costa(D-CA 16th District) says, "These are the times when the government should step up to the plate to support a safety net for all Americans."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he's prepared to sign onto a bipartisan bill to extend benefits as long as the White House is on board, saying, "the unemployment issue, we all know it needs to be solved we don't want the expiration to continue."

Congress is scheduled to recess next week but that could change because of negotiations if a deal isn't reached by Friday.
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