Residents and officials prepare for flash floods in Detwiler Fire burn areas

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As muddy water trickles cascades through the burn scars crews are keeping an eye on areas impacted by the Detwiler Fire. (KFSN)

Several crews from different agencies are monitoring the areas burned by the Detwiler Fire last year.

A lot of the areas impacted are on slopes along roads and crews say they are ready to respond in case those impacted areas come down.

As muddy water trickles cascades through the burn scars crews are keeping an eye on areas impacted by the Detwiler Fire.

Mariposa County Sheriff, Doug Binnewies said, "The burn scars combined with the tree mortality has presented some hazards for us, the whole community is watching for those hazards and dangers."

Charred land can still be seen across acres in Mariposa County.

Sheriff Binnewies says they have had some minor issues with standing water and fallen trees, but they are looking up to be ready in case anything comes down.

"Our focus is to get in front of the emergency if we have to proactively minimize traffic that we're starting to see mudslide activity, we'll do that (that's what we're up against) the Detwiler Fire burned more than 80, 000 acres of Mariposa County land in July of last year. Much of that charred land near homes," Sheriff Binnewies said.

The public works director says thanks to the gentle rain back in November the conditions are more stable.

Mariposa County Public Works Director, Mike Healy said, "We got some gentle rain which solidified the soil in the burn scar area."

But public works is keeping it safe -- their crews are still out clearing storm drains while monitoring the mountainside.

The department director says they recently got more than 300,000 dollars from FEMA after the fire and says they plan to use it to prepare for more wet weather.

"To get all of the burn scar debris out of the storm strain system, putting barriers through waddles and silk fence," Director Healy said. "We can do whatever possible we can, but then mother nature going play her hand and we're going to respond to it."

A community, hardened by the elements, now concerned that the past fire could bring another disaster.

Mariposa County also stretches to parts of Fish Camp so crews are also keeping an eye on areas impacted by the railroad fires.
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