Small Business Spotlight: WhichCraft Taproom in Gustine

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Small Business Spotlight: Which Craft Taproom
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The nightlife in Gustine just got a little more lively with the city's newest place to enjoy a beer, Which Craft Taproom.

GUSTINE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The nightlife in Gustine just got a little more lively with the city's newest place to enjoy a beer, WhichCraft Taproom.

But there's nothing spooky going on here.

When asked about the name, co-owner Joseph Garcia says, "It's always a good conversation starter because they always think it's the other witch."

Located in the heart of downtown Gustine, WhichCraft Taproom features 16 rotating taps, a celebration of local craft beer, including Fieldworks, Machinehead, and Alvarado Street.

"We try to keep the styles close together," says Garcia. "So if a blonde kicks, we'll try to throw another blonde on. Or if an amber kicks another amber or a dark lager. Then we have multiple hazes. We have West Coast IPAs, stouts, and sours.

"We wanted to be that destination for people who like quality craft beer," says co-owner Samuel De La Cruz.

De La Cruz and Garcia were born and raised in Gustine and decided to open the taproom together, along with their wives Jacquelyn and Lizett. All four have day jobs, but consider this a labor of love.

"People ask how do you work two jobs. I really don't feel like this is a job," says De La Cruz.

Family-run and family-friendly-- the taproom offers non-alcoholic options, including hop water, slushies, sodas, and juice boxes.

Snacks aren't limited to what's behind the bar. On weekends, they bring in food trucks and vendors and, during the week, welcome food from nearby restaurants.

The game area has fun options for kids and kids at heart.

Which Craft Taproom may be a celebration of craft, but it also pays tribute to the building's rich history, filled with fond memories.

"People come here, tell their stories like when they were in high school, and now they're retired," says De La Cruz.

Those stories also inspired some of the decor, from written tales of first dates at what was "the Rec," a high school hangout in the 60s, to the original bar, stools and this kitchen hood.

"People coming in as we were remodeling, they looked at it, and boom, it took them back 50 years back 30 years back," says De La Cruz.

Now gearing up to celebrate one year in business-- Samuel and Joseph have plans to add a wine selection and bites to their menu, along with expanding the types of beer.

"It's gone by really fast. We've met a lot of great people, and we've made new friends," says De La Cruz.