Liz Harrison
Liz Harrison is co-anchor of Action News Live at Five and Action News Live at 11. She is also an Emmy-winning reporter specializing in faith-based and community related stories.

Liz began her broadcasting career at ABC30 in 1982. Over the years she has anchored just about every newscast at the station and done everything from consumer to medical reporting. She and photo-journalist Richard Harmelink won an Emmy Award in May 2010 for excellence in reporting for a story on how our military trains for war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through her stories, Liz enjoys giving a "voice" to those who don't ordinarily have a "voice."

Liz Harrison attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Broadcasting. Liz's formative years were spent in Baltimore, Maryland and Brussels, Belgium. It was living overseas that gave Liz an appreciation for people of different creeds and cultures.

Liz is married with five grown children and one grandson. When she doesn't have her "nose in the news" Liz enjoys cooking, reading, and biking... the motorized and the pedal-powered kind!

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