Suspect in Crossroads bar shooting caught in Ohio

A man who police say gunned down a married couple at Fresno's Crossroads bar in March has been arrested in Ohio.
May 2, 2014 12:00:00 AM PDT
A Fresno murder suspect has been arrested across the country. The FBI raided an apartment in Cleveland, Ohio, Friday morning. They captured a man who police say has been on the run since he gunned down a married couple at Fresno's Crossroads bar in March.

The shooting killed Janee Tatum and injured her husband, Herman. For weeks, the suspect was on the run. Investigators say he was hiding out at a relative's house in Ohio.

Herman Tatum has spent many nights without sleep since the murder of his wife, Janee. Friday, just before dawn, the case he worried had grown cold, was solved more than 2,400 miles away from Fresno.

"They caught him and that's good. I can't do nothing but respect that," Herman said. "I appreciate Fresno PD for doing something like that. I know that's their job, but not everybody follows through with their job. They kept me informed. They did what they had to do. They called me in the wee hours of the morning and told me they got him."

Fresno police have suspected Craig Foster almost from the start. Investigators say Foster tried to pick up Janee at the bar and got into some type of confrontation with her husband, Herman. Moments later, detectives say Foster pulled out a gun and fired several times. After the shooting, police say the west side gang member was gone. Fresno police Lt. Mark Salazar says he wasn't honest when authorities finally caught up with him on Friday.

"He originally was found in the living room, gave a false name of Anthony Smith. At the jail he finally gave his true identity, Craig Foster. So, we're in the process of extraditing him back to Fresno," Salazar said.

Herman Tatum says in the past weeks he has experienced a heartache that never leaves. Not only does he have vivid memories of the murder, he is also recovering from being hit twice by gunfire. Tatum is looking forward to seeing foster again, in court.

"Everybody wanna know why, we don't know why. The things I really wanna say, I can't say. I just put it in the hands of the Lord," he said.

Police say Foster will be returning to Fresno in the next few weeks. He is being held on several charges including murder and attempted murder. He already has a long criminal past.

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