Local group delivering beds to children in need after pause amid pandemic

Many children across the Central Valley don't have the luxury of sleeping in a bed.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sleep in Heavenly Peace is delivering 25 new beds to children in need this weekend after a long pause due to the pandemic.

"She said, 'I can have a sleepover now because I couldn't before. I was embarrassed.' And to me, that is awesome. Or I had a kid say, 'I am going to do my bed every day now,' and I said 'Why is that,' and he said, 'Because I've never had a bed to make." said Chapter President Alisa Sipes.

Many children across the Central Valley don't have the luxury of sleeping in a bed. For three years, the local chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace has built, delivered, and assembled over 500 beds for those in need with support from local sponsors, partners, and volunteers.

"And we have more beds to deliver this year. We are hoping to hit the 600 mark by the end of the year," said Sipes.

Board member Frank Perez says the goal is for all children to have the bed they deserve.

"A good night's sleep makes a big difference in their life, socially, educational-wise and gives them a sense of security that they have a place of their own and that is what it's all about," said Perez.

Over the last year, fewer children have received beds, but Sipes says things are picking back up, and they encourage families to apply for a bed or spread the word.

"We are encouraging people now. We come out safely. We wear masks. We have gloves. We come out and deliver with a small number of people so these kiddos can get off the floor," said Sipes.

Twenty-five beds will be delivered and assembled Saturday from 9 am to 11:30 am. If you would like to participate, you are asked to message them on Facebook ahead of time or register here.

"These 25 kids, it's exciting because they are going to have their space, their place and that is something that is priceless," said Sipes.

The beds are delivered with everything a kid needs, including sheets and a comforter! To donate or learn more here.
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