Fresno's Storyland-Playland amusement park hit by thieves

FRESNO Calif. (KFSN) -- The already struggling Storyland-Playland amusement park in Fresno is facing a major setback. Thieves broke into a storage center Friday and got away with nearly 15-thousand dollars in equipment.

"They had picked through it for the biggest brass and copper pieces," said Scott Miller. He is the Storyland-Playland board president. He said the thieves climbed onto the roof, removed plywood and crawled through this tiny space. An opening that measures roughly three feet long and barely one foot wide. After ripping off the alarm system they scrambled to take as much as they could through the small opening.

"But most of what was taken we assume is for its recyclable value. Like parts for the train which unless you have a train you have no use for at all," said Miller.

And many of the parts 30 to 40-years-old. Costly to replace but have little to no street value.

"It's a setback we had not planned for and we're not happy about," said Miller.

On Monday Ameriguard Security Services installed motion detectors for the struggling park. Miller hopes it'll deter any more criminals and get the team back on track to revamping one of the city's oldest landmarks.

This Friday 200 volunteers are coming out to help pick weeds and get this place back up and running. The park is accepting donations and you can find more information through

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