Simple tips to avoid problems as allergy season nears

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The sun shining and warmer temperatures in the Valley makes it easy to get out of the house.

But when there are hints of seasons changing, for some, it means a trip to their allergist.

"Sneezing, coughing, runny eyes, runny nose, feeling like I was drowning," says Sami Halvorsen.

Halvorsen says she feels miserable every time spring rolls around.

"As the temperature creeps up, you know more bloom in the air, pollen in the air," says Dr. Praveen Buddiga. "You just need wind, and that will distribute the pollen."

Doctor Praveen Buddiga says patients have already started to trickle in with congestion.

While many begin taking an over the counter antihistamine, Dr. Buddiga gives his patients allergy shots to desensitize them to what triggers their reaction.

For Halvorsen, it's been life-changing.

"Every year now, I won't be without them at all," Halvorsen said.

But if you can't make it in right away to your doctor, you can follow a few simple tips to help prevent irritation and ultimately asthma.

"I recommend my patients to shower in the evening just to get rid of the pollen and any other dust material," Dr. Buddiga said.

If you work out outdoors, Dr. Praveen recommends to take your exercise indoors, or wait until the afternoon and make sure the air quality is good as well.
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