Larissa Schuster's Found Guilty of First Degree Murder

12/12/07 Tim Schuster's wife Larissa was convicted this morning of first degree murder with a special circumstance.

That makes her eligible for life in prison without parole.

Jurors deliberated two and half days before they found Larissa Schuster guilty.

Her parents and the victim's mother sat just one row behind the defendant.

The judge warned people not to show outward expressions of emotion as Larissa Schuster learned the verdict.

"We the jury in the above and entitled action found the defendant Larissa Schuster, Guilty of First degree murder of Timothy Schuster."

Larissa Schuster expressed very little emotion.

But behind her Timothy Schuster's mother smiled.

"My thought about smiling yes I know my family is smiling right now as well as Tim," said Shirley Schuster, victim's mother.

"On behalf of Larissa Schuster and her family, we are indeed disappointed in the verdict," said Roger Nuttall, Larissa Schuster's attorney.

Defense attorney Roger Nuttall plans to appeal.

The prosecutor Dennis Peterson thanked jurors for their service in a gruesome murder trial that spanned 7 weeks.

"It was clear that there was a motive, there was planning there was execution of plan. We believe they've done a very good job accessing her credibility as a witness," said Dennis Peterson, Prosecutor.

Larissa and the late Tim Schuster have two children who now live out of state. They were not present to hear the verdict or watch their mother taken away in handcuffs, awaiting her punishment.

The jury also found the special circumstance of murder for financial gain true. That will impact her sentencing. She now faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. Larissa Schuster will now be taken from Van Nuys to Fresno. She will learn her punishment January 16.

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