New Year's Resolutions, Curry For Healthy Eating

Every New Year's Eve, party chatter is often about what we're resolving to do in the months ahead – and for those of us who brought up the usual "eat healthier and exercise," with the new year officially kicked in, we might want to keep this tidbit that's been in the news of late.

It's about curry powder, which is a flavorful spice blend popular in a lot of Indian and southeast Asian dishes.

It's an acquired taste that some of us may not be as familiar with, but studies show it does pack a powerful healthy punch.

It contains something called turmeric, which isn't only what gives curry powder its bright yellow color, but it supposedly has a long list of good-for-us benefits, like increasing our energy levels, aiding digestion, relieving arthritis pain, lowering cholesterol, even inhibiting the growth of cancer cells! Now that's a pretty tall order for one little spice.

But with so much positive research, it certainly bears thinking about, and I've got an idea that'll make even those of you who are new to curry take note! It's an easy chicken salad you won't need a recipe for.

All we need do is mix together some cut-up rotisserie chicken, maybe some light mayo and a bit of curry powder and salt and pepper to taste.

To keep with our healthy resolutions, serve it up over salad greens or sandwiched between whole grain bread! Mmm mmm! Why not resolve to give it a try? And if some healthy benefits kick in also, that'll be double the reason to enjoy this little blend spice packed with "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"

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