Impaled Boy's Story Prompts a Surprise Gift

KFSN "I got my buttons off, my cast and my neck brace," said Jason.

Jason was severely injured in November when he got stuck in a manure spreader on his grandparents' Strathmore farm.

Several metal tines impaled him, including one through his head. Firefighters had to cut him from the machine.

Jason doesn't like to talk about the accident but says he remembers everything.

"I think about it a lot... when I was stuck. I remember when I was caught. I had to hold my neck back like this and it was weird," said Jason.

Firefighters and doctors worked to keep Jason breathing and to get the metal rods out.

"I got screws and plates in my eye, buttons, cast, and neck brace."

Jason's left eye had to be completely reconstructed, and he wears his hair longer to hide the scars. He still has some problems with his vision and jaw but is doing remarkably well.

His mom calls it a miracle.

"There are so many things that could have happened. The infection in multiple places - none of it happened. It was like you're on the edge of the earth, and then you're far away from it," said Candi Silveira.

His amazing recovery prompted a surprise act of kindness.

After seeing our story, the owner of the Superbowl champion Indianapolis Colts sent Jason an autographed number 18 Peyton Manning jersey. It's as long as Jason is tall. He also got a letter from the Colts' owner praising Silveira for his courage and encouraging him in his pursuit of football.

That pursuit is temporarily on hold because of doctor's orders.

"No contact sports, just by myself or with my friends, just shooting. Next year, I'm definitely going to play football."

Jason wasn't a Colts fan before but says he is now.

And this weekend the Colts play his dad's favorite team, the San Diego Chargers.

"This time I'm not going to be on my dad's side."

But someone has been on Jason's.

Jason hasn't been back to his grandparent's farm since the accident, and it will probably be awhile. His family says he's going to wait before he feels comfortable.

The one thing he can't wait to do is return to school.

His first day back will be Monday.

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