Presidential Candidates Back on the Campaign Trail

KFSN Two down and 48 more to go. Basking in her unexpected victory over Senator Barack Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton took the day off.

Senator Clinton said, "I didn't know whether I could win, but I really thought I would do better than anyone predicted"

Obama, on the other hand, is not sticking with the notion that he is a new kind of candidate he went from New Hampshire to New Jersey.

Senator Obama said, "My back is a little sore... but my spirit is strong"

The Republicans have a comeback kid story of their own; his name is John McCain.

"We have good support here....good political base...and financial base and so I would feel confident about Michigan" said McCain.

After two second place finishes, Mitt Romney displayed new confidence in Michigan. Mike Huckabee hit South Carolina, a place where he describes the weather as cold but the support for him as warm.

A lack of support is influencing Governor Bill Richardson. According to the Associated Press, he will announce his plans to drop out of the Democratic race Thursday.

Early polls show New Jersey favors Clinton. Obama is hopeful his trip here to Saint Peters College will help to change that.

Republican Candidate Fred Thompson is putting a lot of hope on South Carolina. He says if he doesn't do well there, he is most likely out of the race.

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