Planes collide in mid-air, killing 5

CORONA Investigators will literally be picking up the pieces later Monday.

The planes came crashing down over some car dealerships in Corona around 3:30 p.m. Sunday. There were clear skies and visibility was believed to be good when the incident happened.

Two people were onboard each of the two single-engine Cessnas involved in the crash. All four people in the aircrafts were killed. A fifth person in a car dealership was also killed when a big piece of debris came crashing through the roof.

Many watched in horror as the two planes crashed into each other.

"They just keep going, and then they hit," said Lourdes Fajardo, an eyewitness. "And one just went into pieces and the other one lost the wings and just went nose first, went down."

At this time there is no word on where the aircrafts were heading. The Corona Airport was about a mile away so there's a possibility the aircrafts may have been operating out of there.

The Corona Airport has no control tower so there's nobody watching the radar screen to tell pilots they are getting too close to each other. Pilots essentially have to watch for other aircraft in the air.

It's very early in the investigation. Authorities will be back out at the scene later Monday, looking at the wreckage and trying to figure out how all this happened.

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