Clinton-Obama Rivalry Continues in South Carolina

KFSN On the day before the South Carolina Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton focused her attacks on president bush. "The failed policies of president bush are now coming home to roost" said Clinton.

Barack Obama, who is leading in the polls here, talked economics with women voters at cafe in Charleston. "All of these issues are issues we can fix, but we have to fix Washington" said Obama.

The man with perhaps the most to lose, is trailing behind at a distant third. John Edwards won this state in 2004, but has had a hard time gaining traction this time around.

In last night's GOP debate, it was clear that the Republican candidates have set their sight on a single opponent; Hilary Clinton and her husband.

GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney said, "The idea of Bill Clinton back in the white house with nothing to do is something I can't imagine."

On Good Morning America, Clinton dismissed her republican rivals, saying that she, on her own, will bring the country together. "I'm running. I am running to be the president. I will have responsibility for the decisions" said Clinton.

The New York Times endorsed Clinton for the Democrats and John McCain for the Republicans. Rudy Giuliani's home town paper went out of its way to accuse him of exploiting September 11th for his own business and political gains.

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