Super Meth Lab Discovered in Madera Ranchos

KFSN Inside the lab sheriff's deputies found a big trash bag full of pseudoephedrine and all the equipment needed to manufacture meth.

The house was on Avenue 14 1/2 near Road 36, not far from Liberty high school.

Nobody was home when deputies raided the home, but they arrested 19 year old Jose Morales and 22 year old Jesus Martinez.

The pair had rented the house just a little while ago, but investigators say they never intended to live there.

Agents say had these two individuals been able to carry out their cook, they could have manufactured as much as 40 pounds of pure crystal meth with a street value worth nearly a million dollars.

Agents allege this is the same organization tied to at least two other super lab sites; one on Avenue 18 ½ in Madera, the other in Fowler.

Both men remain behind bars booked on felony drug charges. Bail set at $1.5 million each.

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