Bob Waterston Responds to Rumors

KFSN He hasn't answered those questions ... Until now. Bob Waterston dropped a bombshell last fall announcing unexpectedly he would not seek a third term on the Fresno County Board Of Supervisors. He spoke with action news exclusively to explain why nothing he's done since then has changed that position ... Or his future plans when he leaves public office.

But he sure took a detour.

Bob Waterston was first sworn in as a Fresno County Supervisor in January of 2001.

A straight talking former Fresno Fire-Fighter Paramedic who made both friends and foes in the last seven years.

A family man with nine children, five who are adopted, a supervisor who says he has always had county interests at heart.

He remains adamant he never did anything wrong in spite of what he calls quote: "false accusations from the Fresno Bee" end quote ... Involving allegations of conflicts of interest and financial benefit from his position as an elected official.

None the less in September he chose to publicly withdraw from his third election campaign.

Bob Waterston, Fresno County Supervisor: "I'm getting emotional because after all these years, I'm leaving."

So if he was leaving...why did he pull official election papers three months later?

Papers, that if returned, would put him back in the race?

Bob Waterston, Fresno County Supervisor: "There was a part of me that kept saying: To accomplish what I want do I need to stay elected."

Waterston says he has clear goals for his future "outside of politics" but before giving it up for good wanted to explore if being in office was better than being out of office.

He took out papers and then participated in a poll of how district five voters were affected by the negative news reports.

What did that polling come back with? ... Bob Waterston: "And it was something I could go after. It was something I could pursue: you have to change this you have to change that."

Just this mid-week he made his decision

Bob Waterston: I probably will do more good not getting elected in what I'm trying to accomplish."

And that, Waterston says, is to help insure funding for the Children's Health Initiative ... An ongoing effort to increase access to health care for Fresno County children.

Bob Waterston: That's the only reason I thought, even thought about getting back on board, was for the children, these children's programs."

Waterston plans to support the non-profit program with his unused campaign funds and work to raise more once out of office.

Bob Waterston: I can't walk away from this, I can walk away from politics."

A political side note Waterston had nothing but good things to say about the two people now alone in seeking the Fresno County District Five Seat.

Debbie Poochigian and Nathan Magsig, calling them both "good people".

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