A Shot of Spirituality

KFSN Flipside Christian Church in Madera is handing out free shot glasses in an effort to reach those who would not ordinarily step foot in a sanctuary.

It's a clear shot glass with the slogan "give us a shot"....inside....a business card....Flipside Church.... A church for real people, on the back it says "exchange this card for a morning after mug."

Karl Roth is behind the giveaway he's the pastor of the newly formed "Flipside" Church.

Pastor Karl Roth: "For so many years the church has made the mistake, and really shunned their responsibility to meet people, to meet the culture where they are. They say as long as you look like me, act like me and talk like me and live like me then you're welcome in our church. I think that's backwards."

Roth is hoping the shot glass will attract those who feel spiritually disconnected from god and the church.

Brad Seiverson, Chasers Bar: "I probably sold twice as many shots as I normally sell because people just wanted the shot glass. I wouldn't give em one for free... they had to buy a shot."

Chasers Bar owner Brad Seiverson received a box of glasses Wednesday and immediately began handing them out.

Brad Seiverson: "And I don't have to wash any glasses... so it works out great for me.... I'd like to have it every day."

Some people will find the shot glass giveaway a little unorthodox.

The church ITSELF is a little unorthodox. Services are at the theatre at the liberty High School Campus in Madera Ranchos...the pastor calls the service "kind of a rock star party at church" they have a flipping out ministry for kids and a motorcycle club and gun club."

The name of the church.... "Flipside" comes from the book of acts in the bible where the religious leaders were criticizing the new followers of Christ.

Pastor Karl Roth: "They said to these new Christ followers "you guys have turned this world upside down.... and how you're disrupting our city" and that's what we want to do ... turn our little scope of the world upside down and disrupt our city.... for Jesus."

It appears Roth's desire is becoming a reality.... His shot glass giveaway has become the talk of the town.

"When you first think of church, you wouldn't think of a shot glass...I just think it's a unique way of getting people to attend."

If it works...I think it's great.

Whether the card inside the shot glass ends up being exchanged for a coffee mug at "Flipside"....remains to be seen.

So far the shot glasses are available only in Madera.... But the giveaway will extend to Fresno this weekend when the Lucky 13 Bar on Ashlan and 99 will begin to stock them.

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