Stacy Johnson-Klein Has a Tough Decision to Make

A judge reduced that amount to about 6-point-6 million.

Fresno State asked the judge for a new trial and tried to get the verdict thrown out completely.

They failed at that.

The judge sided with the University, saying jurors awarded Stacy Johnson-Klein too much money.

Jurors said they tried to send a message by awarding Stacy Johnson-Klein $19-million dollars.

Judge Donald Black wrote in a 61 page decision, he agreed with all of the jury's findings, expect one area.

Jurors gave Johnson-Klein $14-million dollars for non economic damages, also known as emotional distress.

Judge Black ruled that amount was excessive.

He significantly reduced it to more than $1-point-5 million dollars.

He also ruled Johnson-Klein must accept the new amount or he'll grant the University a new trial.

Johnson-Klein's Attorney Warren Paboojian released a written statement saying:

Warren Paboojian: "We are disappointed in Judge Black's decision to reduce the emotional distress claim. At this time, Stacy Johnson-Klein is considering all of her options."

Fresno State's Attorney Dawn Theodora said the University is considering taking the case to a higher court.

Theodora: "I hoped for a complete reversal, but definitely you hope for a lower verdict. This is a large amount of money and we take it very seriously."

Judge Black further wrote, He reduced the award because there's no evidence the former coach was "suffering from an emotional or psychiatric disorder, no evidence she took medication for an emotional disorder and certainly no evidence of hospitalization or shock therapy." end quote.

Judge Black set a deadline For Johnson-Klein to accept $6-point-6 million dollars.

If she doesn't take the new amount by 3:00 p.m. on February 22nd then johnson-klein faces another trial.

A judge also reduced the damages in another gender discrimination lawsuit against Fresno State.

A jury awarded former Volleyball Coach Lindy Vivas five-point- eight million dollars, but Judge Alan Simpson cut it down to four-point- five million.

Vivas accepted the judgment in December, but the University still hasn't decided whether to push for a new trial.

Fresno State also agreed to pay former Associate Athletic Director Diane Milutinovich three-and-a-half million dollars to settle her discrimination lawsuit.

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