Snow Increases Tourism in Local Mountains

Sierra Summit says its attendance is up 20% this year compared to this time last year. And other area businesses are cashing in.

Shaver Lake may be calm this time of year but area businesses are bustling thanks to about twice the amount of snow compared to last year.

Kris Kiegl, Shaver Lake worker, says "It's been pretty good- we finally got some snow, so it's been really busy."

This restaurant is known for its cinnamon bread. But workers say their sweetest treat is the snow which brings more customers, mainly because it brings skiers.

Sierra Summit says they had about 8,000 skiers hit the slopes this weekend. Others came up for the sledding and the sunshine, including the Lopez family who hosted a winter barbecue.

Francisco Lopez, Shaver Lake tourist, says "We have the whole family together...going to enjoy the day together."

The sun is melting some snow, but business owners say the clear weather draws more people up the mountain.

Dave Powell sells winter gear now but the snow is also crucial for his summer business. "I have a marina that I operate in the summer- last year we had low lake levels- this year we should have much more water in the lake;" which is welcome news for year-round outdoor enthusiasts.

Sierra Summit workers still hope for more snow through March but say right now they can stay open at least through the end of April. Last year, it closed in early April.

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