NIU Student Return to Classes

Illinois 2/25/2008 For students, today's return to class for the first time since the campus attack won't be easy.

A week and a half after former graduate student Steve Kazmierczak opened fire in a crowded lecture hall, killing five, wounding 16 and then killing himself; students and faculty have vowed to move on. "The enormous outpouring of love we've experienced this past week reminds us that this community, this state, this nation, and this world are connected to each other in fundamental and unchanging ways," said Northern Illinois University President John Peters.

At a memorial service Sunday night, more than 12-thousand people gathered to mourn the students who were killed.

There will be changes on campus as students return, like extra police officers and more security. More than five-hundred volunteer counselors will be available for each classroom, academic department and college dorm.

Cole Hall, the scene of the shooting, will be closed for the rest of the semester.

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