Crucial Primaries for the Democratic Nomination

3/3/2008 Washington D.C. It's close and it's crucial for the democratic nomination. While polls show Hillary Clinton being the favorite in Ohio, Barack Obama's campaign is confident they have Texas wrapped up.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton made her case to voters in Ohio. "I know what a difference it makes whether we have a president who gets up every day in that white house and worries about what goes on in your lives, with your jobs, and your healthcare, and your families and your futures. That's the kind of president I will be."

In Tuesday's primaries, Clinton is looking to break her losing streak. She's lost 11-contests to senator Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Ohio holds 141 of the more than 300 delegates from Tuesday's four primary states. In Ohio on Sunday, Senator Barack Obama talked about the economic challenges American voters face. "The average family has eight thousand dollars in credit card debt. At a time like this the American people need real change."

When it comes to Texas, another delegate-rich state, polls show Obama with a slight lead over Clinton.

On the Republican side, Senator John McCain took a break from the campaign trail Sunday. While his competitor Mike Huckabee, still in the race, is battling McCain for conservative republican votes.

The presidential candidates return to the trail on Monday and so do some of their spouses. Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama will make several campaign stops in Texas.

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