Valley Resort for Your Pets

Tom and Barb ward just returned home from a 12 day trip to Mexico. While they were gone, their dog Maxie also enjoyed the five star treatment at the University Pet Resort in Merced County.

Tom Ward: "When I was talking to friends and they were asking me what did we do with the dog while we were gone and we said, well we're on vacation at a spa and resort and so is the dog."

Guests at this fancy facility are treated to special suites that each have heated floors and their own theme.

Dr. Leah Hill, Veterinarian: "We have an Americana room, a Harley Davidson room, we have a Princess room."

The resort also has 24 indoor/outdoor runs so the dogs can get fresh air and exercise at any time.

Staff members make sure all of the animals get plenty of human and canine interaction.

Dr. Hill: "The animals are never sitting in their cage, so they really get a lot of interaction, a lot of play time with other dogs."

Dr. Leah Hill says she opened the resort for dogs and cats after many clients told her they never took vacations because they were afraid to leave their animals behind.

Now the facility offers long term stays and the equivalent of day care for busy pet owners.

Dr. Hill: "It really helps them to get socialized, it helps to decrease problems like chewing and getting into trouble when their owners aren't home."

Dr. Hill also runs the only 24 hour emergency animal clinic in the area, which is right next door to the resort giving pet owners one less reason to worry.

Tom Ward: "It was for our peace of mind so we knew she had a safe and comfortable place to stay while we were gone."

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